Instagram!… For Business?

instagram-logoThe newest addition to the plethora of social media sites available is Instagram. Instagram is a site that allows the user to edit and upload photos and images. This may seem like there is no business or marketing opportunity there, but experts beg to differ. Where there is a will, there is a way. Addidas for instance has found a way to use Instagram to market its “The Return” campaign, featuring Bulls Point Guard, Derrick Rose. This article shows the effectiveness and methods of using Instagram to market. Features such as “hashtagging” make it easy for companies and businesses to advertise and track how their advertising is going. A great promotional method businesses use is photo competitions to get users to submit photos that help advertise their product or a campaign they’re doing. Instagram has recently been acquired by social media goliath, Facebook, and should see substantial growth in users and businesses in the future, and in return should hold more marketing value.


Facebook: The Newest Marketing Phenomenon



Before Facebook, marketing has been a challenge for most, if not all companies at some point or another. Marketing a product, service or business was not only tough to do, but also expensive! Looking at stats from this article, we can see that Facebook is a huge marketing opportunity! Not only is there a vast audience to market to, but the audience is already separated into easily seen demographics. You can target an audience based on their age, gender, marital status or even their hobbies. Facebook is an ever-growing marketplace thriving with business opportunity at a not-as-expensive rate as TV ads or billboards that only hit some of your target audience. In the next few years, given that Facebook continues to grow, we should see marketing take a shift towards the internet and social networking sites like Facebook in particular.