The Semantic Web

InternetThe web as we know it is just a basic version of what it could be. It represents unused potential and the future looks bright. The future is a change from the HTML format that the internet uses today. With the HTML format, the internet is very limited as far as what it can do for the user. Using a search engine with HTML you may have had a hard time finding things. Using Semantics, Semanticssearches would be much more relevant and return more of what the user is looking for. The way semantics works is more through tagging the content of a site by its meaning. The way site builders can do this is through structured data and linked data.

Structured Data

Structured data is when a site lists contact information or anything like that that can be recognized by a search engine and returned to the user. Google has already been experimenting with structured data in searches. When you search something in Google and the  links that pop up have information from the site such as a phone number, location, or other information, you are seeing structured data. Structured Data Example

In the image to the left, structured data is shown about Rihanna, the search topic, to the right of the search as well as the image and information about the first link. The more structured data a site offers, the more relevant hits and traffic it will receive. WordPress is a great way to look at structuring data in an easy way. They make your content easily accessible and searchable in a relevant way.

Linked Data

Linked data is a different way of structuring data. When someone links data, they are showing a different relevant site through a link in their site. This is like structured data in many ways in that it shows the user what they are looking for, which is the main idea behind using Semantics over HTML. As we shift closer towards using non-basic markup language, the internet will become a more recognizable place for machines, which benefits users. The more the machine you are using can tell what you are really looking for, the easier it will be for you to find it. 

“I’m the one th…

“I’m the one that has to die when it’s time for me to die, so let me live my life, the way I want to.”
-Jimi Hendrix

This is one of my favorite quotes. It is from Jimi Hendrix and is fairly well known. I like it because it is a reflection of the way I think people should be, as long as one is not infringing on someone else’s rights, there should be no one who can tell that person what they can or can’t do.

Instagram!… For Business?

instagram-logoThe newest addition to the plethora of social media sites available is Instagram. Instagram is a site that allows the user to edit and upload photos and images. This may seem like there is no business or marketing opportunity there, but experts beg to differ. Where there is a will, there is a way. Addidas for instance has found a way to use Instagram to market its “The Return” campaign, featuring Bulls Point Guard, Derrick Rose. This article shows the effectiveness and methods of using Instagram to market. Features such as “hashtagging” make it easy for companies and businesses to advertise and track how their advertising is going. A great promotional method businesses use is photo competitions to get users to submit photos that help advertise their product or a campaign they’re doing. Instagram has recently been acquired by social media goliath, Facebook, and should see substantial growth in users and businesses in the future, and in return should hold more marketing value.

Facebook: The Newest Marketing Phenomenon



Before Facebook, marketing has been a challenge for most, if not all companies at some point or another. Marketing a product, service or business was not only tough to do, but also expensive! Looking at stats from this article, we can see that Facebook is a huge marketing opportunity! Not only is there a vast audience to market to, but the audience is already separated into easily seen demographics. You can target an audience based on their age, gender, marital status or even their hobbies. Facebook is an ever-growing marketplace thriving with business opportunity at a not-as-expensive rate as TV ads or billboards that only hit some of your target audience. In the next few years, given that Facebook continues to grow, we should see marketing take a shift towards the internet and social networking sites like Facebook in particular. 

Social Media Efficiency

Being efficient about how you use your social media tools is important. This article shows some tools and other sites that are important to how you use your social media sites efficiently. My favorite part of this article is the google analytics. I think knowing where your social media traffic is coming from is vital to getting information out to the most people possible. Linking all of your sites seems to be a recurring theme, as there are multiple sites to link your social media to, in order to make yourself more efficient. It makes you more efficient because it allows you to monitor all of your sites from one site without having to go to a bunch of different places! Hootsuite is a great place to start doing some of these things.